1. The timeless theme, Earth and Heaven will pass away.
It’s not a dream, God will make all things new that day.
Gone is the curse from which I stumbled and fell.
Evil is banished to eternal hell.

R. No more night. No more pain.
No more tears. Never crying again.
And praises to the great "I AM."
We will live in the light of the risen Lamb.

2. See all around, now the nations bow down to sing.
The only sound is the praises to Christ, our King.
Slowly the names from the book are read.
I know the King, so there’s no need to dread.

3. See over there, there’s a mansion,
Oh, that’s prepared just for me,
Where I will live
With my savior eternally.

All praises to the great "I AM."
We’re gonna live in the light of the risen Lamb.

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Versetul Zilei

Matei 18:20

Caci acolo unde sunt doi sau trei adunati pentru Numele Meu, sunt si Eu in mijlocul lor.

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