1. Will you come and be free from the bondage of sin?
Jesus has died on the tree;
He has purchased redemption to gather you in;
Mercy is calling for thee.

R. Oh, will you come? Oh, will you come?
Jesus will save every one;
Oh, beware! Don’t you see there is pardon for thee?
Mercy is calling you home.

2. Will you come to Him now? Then resist every wrong;
Happy indeed you will be;
He will bless you with peace and with heavenly song;
Mercy is calling for thee.

3. Will you come as you are? for He knoweth your heart,
Jesus will make trouble flee;
He will banish your gloom, He will vict’ry impart;
Mercy is calling for thee.

4. Will you come? He will save; how He pleads with you now!—
Jesus had mercy on me—
He’s the best friend you have, oh, be humble and bow!
Mercy is calling for thee.

Versetul Zilei

2 Petru 2:21

Ar fi fost mai bine pentru ei sa nu fi cunoscut calea neprihanirii, decat dupa ce au cunoscut-o, sa se intoarca de la porunca sfanta, care le fusese data.

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