1. What did you do, to have His precious Love?
A love from heaven, comes to you as gift.
What did you do to have nice wings like dove?
To fly towards heaven, in one night releafe.

R. I did nothing, you did nothing,
But God gave us His only beloved Son.
He died for you,He died for me,
Just be prepared, The Lord is coming soon.

2. What did you do to have His guard with you?
He’s watching every step of yours
What did you do, to have His love with you?
And with His love, you can climb over mountains.

3. What did you do to have a place in heaven?
To Know that, you and me, will be together,
What did you do to meet one day with Simon?
We just have faith: But Jesus is who gather.

Versuri similare
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Versetul Zilei

Evrei 5:7

El este Acela care, in zilele vietii Sale pamantesti, aducand rugaciuni si cereri cu strigate mari si cu lacrimi catre Cel ce putea sa-L izbaveasca de la moarte, si fiind ascultat, din pricina evlaviei Lui.

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