1. Where is thy hope, poor sinner?
What are you going to do?
Hope is a God-given anchor,
Lavished so freely on you;
If it is fixed in the Savior,
On that bright shore you will land,
But if in sin you still linger,
Sad your end.

R. Lost, forever! Lost, forever!
Oh, how sad!

2. Where is thy refuge, sinner?
Look where your pathway will end;
Repent, or you’ll perish forever,
Awful destruction’s at hand;
Heaven or hell you are choosing,
Fixing and sealing your fate,
God and His mercy refusing,
Lost! Too late!

3. What can you plead, poor sinner,
In the great judgment day?
Heaven now offers you favor,
Oh, do not cast it away;
Slighted the warnings repeated,
Leave you in Satan’s control;
And with all heaven rejected,
Lost, your soul.

4. Where will you go, poor sinner?
How will your soul escape?
Think of thy lot, when, forever,
Cast in the dark, burning lake;
If then you’re lost and forgotten,
Writhing in flames of despair,
You will remember you’ve chosen
To be there.

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Versetul Zilei

1 Petru 5:8-9

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