1. Oh, home of my soul
In that far away goal,
Each day brings me nearer to thee;
The great throne so white,
And my crown shining bright,
Mine eyes ever longing to see.

2. A musical strain
From that far distant plain
Now sweeps gently over my soul;
And waves of sweet peace
In my heart shall increase,
While years of eternity roll.

3. The day will soon come
When we’ll all gather home,
As pilgrims no more we shall roam;
Ah, whom shall we see?
And what joy will it be
To meet with the dear ones at home!

Versetul Zilei

Efeseni 6:13

De aceea, luati toata armatura lui DUMNEZEU, ca sa va puteti impotrivi in ziua cea rea, si sa ramaneti in picioare, dupa ce veti fi biruit totul.

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