1. I can see You through all of nature
I can see You in the sky
I can see Your creation
You are God the mighty one

R1. Blessed be Your name forever
Blessed be Your name Oh Lord
You created me dear Father
And you saved me through Your power
Blessed be your name oh Lord,
For You are God

2. Lord of lords the One who saved me
You are God I worship You
You are Lord of all creation
You are God for all the nations

R2. Slavit sa fie numele Tau
Slavit sa fie numele Tau
Ma-i creat pe mine Tata
Ma-i salvat prin a Ta slava
Slavit sa fie numele Tau
Caci Tu esti Domn.

Versuri similare
Blessed be Your Name
Father in heaven
Give thanks to the Lord 
Lost forever
Keep Me Near Thee
We are a moment
From the Day - I AM THEY

Versetul Zilei

Proverbe 4:23

Pazeste-ti inima mai mult decat orice, caci din ea ies izvoarele vietii.

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