Sometimes Halleluiah
Sometimes praise the Lord
Sometimes gently singing
Our hearts in one accord.

Oh let us lift our voices
Look towards the sky
And start to sing
Oh let us now return his love
Just let our voices ring.

Oh let us feel his presence
Let the sound of praises fill the air
Oh let us sing the song of Jesus love
To people everywhere.

Halleluiah Halleluiah
Eternal Father Jesus I love you
Halleluiah Halleluiah.
Jesus my saviour Halleluiah
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Curând, foarte curând

Versetul Zilei

Isaia 55:8-9

Caci gandurile Mele nu sunt gandurile voastre, si caile voastre nu sunt caile Mele, zice Domnul. Ci cat de sus cerurile fata de pamant, atat sunt de sus caile Mele fata de caile voastre si gandurile Mele fata de gandurile voastre.

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