You give strength to the weary
You are righteous and true
Though I stumble in my weakness
Your sweet love has pierced me through

You are ruler of the nations
Yet Your king of Love and grace
Though my words are often feeble
I give to You my praise

I wanna get closer, closer every day
I want to touch Your heart
No matter what it takes

I will worship You, I will worship You
Even though my heart is faint
In your throne room I find strength
Versuri similare
While I'm waiting
Here I am to worship
More Love, More power
Lovely Lord

Versetul Zilei

Ioan 15:16

Nu va mai numesc robi, pentru ca robul nu stie ce face stapanul sau; ci v-am numit prieteni, pentru ca v-am facut cunoscut tot ce am auzit de la Tatal Meu.

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