1. Pain and grief and poverty still in
Bitterness and anxiety, the sin
Draw me down in the mud again;
Darkness and the lonelieness brake in
In my heart now I'm a part from Him
I am crawling and I fell the shame;
But I find His hand again.

R. /: Carry me through,Jesus. :/ x6

2. I can fell the heavy chain on me
I am cold and shuddering: Oh Je'
I am crying: Jesus save, save me!
Then a love I never felt before
Lifts me up and give me strenght and more
Then I hear: I'll never let you go!
I thank you my sweet Jesus for making me

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Versetul Zilei

Filipeni 4:6-7

Nu va ingrijorati de nimic; ci in orice lucru, aduceti cererile voastre la cunostinta lui Dumnezeu, prin rugaciuni si cereri, cu multumiri, si pacea lui Dumnezeu, care intrece orice pricepere, va va pazi inimile si gandurile in CRISTOS ISUS!

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